Satish Kaushik Playing A ‘Rapist’ For The First Time

Monali Thakur and Satish Kaushik
Monali Thakur and Satish Kaushik
Monali Thakur and Satish Kaushik

In his long career Satish Kaushik has played it all. But never before has he played a role as revolting as the one in Nagesh Kukunooor’s new film Laxmi.

In the film about human trafficking Satish is cast as a slime-ball who rapes and forces a 20-year old girl into prostitution.

The victim is played by Monali Thakur who was one of the finalists on Season 2 of Indian Idol. She later gained popularity as a playback singer when she sang Zara zara touch me for Katrina Kaif in Abbas-Mustan’s Race.

Adding discomfort to the repulsive role is the fact that Satish has recently become the father of a daughter. And the character, in Satish’s words, makes him squirm.

Says the actor, “It’s a real gandaa (dirty) character. I accepted it without a second thought. As an actor I like to play everything from villain to comedian. And Nagesh Kukunoor has written a very sensitive and emotional film about human trafficking. It’s about a young girl who is forced into prostitution. She fights back against her tormentors in court and gets them convicted.”

The film is based on a true story that rocked Andhra Pradesh some time ago. Apparently Satish has met the fiend who committed the heinous crime before preparing for the part.

Says Satish, “It’s a dirty job to play such a character. But someone’s got to do it. What I like about the story is that it allows the girl to get justice. Normally girls who are forced into prostitution are silenced by fear. This girl stands up in court and testifies against the man. I truly admire her, even if my character is at the receiving end.”

Adds Satish, “My character Reddy is really repulsive. I hate him even more now because I’m the father of a daughter. But what to do? An actor’s job is to play any kind of character, no matter how sub-human.”

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