Shah Rukh Khan Breaks Silence Over Surrogacy Issue


MUMBAI: It was a moment of mixed emotions for Shah Rukh Khan as he launched the music of ‘Chennai Express’ amidst much fanfare. 


While the media continued to ask him questions on his alleged surrogacy in spite of being refrained from doing so, Shah Rukh Khan, in his ‘own style’ broke the silence over the issue.

“This is not the time to talk about it. It’s time to get on the train baby and not talk about my baby,” the star said wittily.

He also said that the moment is very private and personal and currently it’s a mixed feeling with bouts of both happiness and sadness. “Let the sad part get over, will talk about it later, I would request you the people who are interrogating to do a thorough check”, he added.

In spite of this reply, there were questions, which came back to Shah Rukh Khan digressing from the film, and it was then that the actor gave a riveting reply.

A reporter from a leading daily asked Shah Rukh Khan about his feeling of becoming the father for the third time. SRK first nodded and then smilingly said, “Your health reporter knows it well, also pass me her number”, he said.

With this answer, we are sure Shah Rukh Khan has silenced all. For now let’s wait for ‘Chennai Express’, which is set to arrive on 8 August.