Shah Rukh Khan Finally Breaks Silence About How His Daughter Suhana’s Bikini Picture Disturbed His Family!


[tps_footer]Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan not only pampers his children but also is very much protective and cautious about them. In a recent interview, SRK revealed how due to him being a public figure his daughter Suhana’s bikini snap was all over on the Internet. For the first time, Shah Rukh Khan opened up how he and his family dealt with this.

“She was in a bikini, she was on a beach, and she was with her little brother. You went ahead and wrote a headline, “SRK’s daughter flaunts her body.” Is it a little cheap? Maybe I felt it was,” said Shah Rukh Khan in an interview with Huffington Post India.

“My daughter was a little awkward about it. She’s 16, yaar. And the headlines some sites use are. Wow. We’re very liberal people and even had a laugh about it. But it’s still awkward,” he continued.

Shah Rukh Khan also made a very strong point that because of him, Suhana’s picture was doing rounds on the Internet. Speaking on the same, the King Khan said, “I wasn’t protecting her from the media – I was protecting her from me. It’s my stardom that was the reason that picture made it to the news – it wouldn’t have if she wasn’t SRK’s daughter. There could be someone running bare and that wouldn’t be news.”

Well, not only SRK, we think any dad would have been in the same state as the actor! Share your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.[/tps_footer]

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