Shah Rukh Khan Has Never Watched His Debut Film Deewana, Is He Planning To Watch It Now?

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan talks about his Debut film Deewana and how people reacted after watching it!

The Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has completed 25 years in the Bollywood film industry. But do you all know that his debut film ‘Deewana’ has not been watched by the superstar himself? Yes, you read it right. SRK has never watched his debut film. But is the actor planning to watch it now?

We do not think so as when the same is being asked to him, he replies by saying, ”I haven’t watched Deewana, I don’t even want to watch it, and I don’t say it out of ego, but I now watch all the new movies (laughs).”

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SRK, talking about the first reaction that he got from anyone for the film, says, ”The first reaction I got for Deewana was from Rakesh uncle (Roshan) at Mehboob Studio. He had told me ‘Tu bohot bada star ban gaya yaar (you’ve become a big star)’. And I asked him, ‘really?’ That was the time I used to walk back to my house from work, and two-three days had passed since the film has released. It was not like today when box office numbers come even before the film is released, and people even tell you what is good and what is bad in the film. But it wasn’t like that then.”

Sharing another incident, he says, ”I remember how once I was walking past Salman’s house and a handsome Salim Khan was in the balcony, and he waved to me and told me, ‘Janaab aapki film bohot chal rahi hai, aap star ban jaaoge (your film is doing very well, you’ll soon become a star)!’ Or I think he said this when I was having dinner with him, he also said that when you go to a hair salon and when the barber asks you if you want a Shah Rukh hair cut, you have to know that you’ve become a star.”

He also shared how his wife Gauri Khan reacted at the success of his debut film as he says, ”After returning home when I told Gauri that Deewana is a hit, she simply congratulated me.”

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