Shah Rukh Khan Humbled By Backing Of Fans At Eden Gardens


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KOLKATA: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has revealed that he was extremely “humbled” and “grateful” for the backing of his fans at Eden Gardens here last night, which helped his team Kolkata Knight Riders defeat the Rajasthan Royals.

Speaking about his team’s thumping victory last night, SRK said, “Everywhere whether it`s in this city of Kolkata, all over Bengal, all over the country, on Twitter, on social networking, I do sense, coming from this profession, a feeling of happiness when we win. Extremely humbled, grateful, and you need this kind of backing.”

“Everyone feels very happy we have been having a little bit of a bad run to say the least. So it`s nice to be back in Eden. I was working so I couldn`t come down to the matches. So it feels nice when you come down for the matches and you win,” he added, with a smile.

When they’re losing, Shah Rukh said he feels very bad and promises to try harder. “I feel extremely responsible that I don’t let the fans down. So we will try harder.”

“As you know, I can’t do much. But the team is doing its best. I think they have been playing well and ensure you are not disappointed. And you go back home extremely happy, as happy as you make us all.”

Shah Rukh also confessed that after a string of losses, it was nice to win a game. “It helps when the whole crowd is behind you especially at the Eden.”