Shah Rukh Khan- Kajol’s DDLJ Celebrates 1000 Weeks With A New Trailer


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I was twelve when I saw this beautiful love story of Raj and Simran and it sort of left imprints in my mind, and I am sure this must have happened to many others and we still have not got enough of it. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Indian Cinema’s iconic love story that redefined love for the generations to come will complete its 1000 weeks of timeless romance.

On October 20, 1995, history was created with the release of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or the famously known DDLJ; which is the longest running film in the history of Indian cinema and continues its run at Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir. To celebrate the milestone, Yash Raj Films has launched a new trailer which has recreated the same magic as it did 19 years ago.

The movie did wonders to Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol; as their pairing garnered applauds and got Shah Rukh Khan the title of ‘Romantic Hero’ and escalated Kajol’s career. And since then they have been Bollywood’s best on-screen ‘Jodi’

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To celebrate the success of the film, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol will appear on the television show Comedy Nights With Kapil.  The excited Raj (SRK) tweeted

Shah Rukh Khan: My favourite line in a film ever… “Nahin main nahi aaoonga….” DDLJ (ver 2.0 trailer reloaded)…I am so happy

Well, Shah Rukh, it is not only you but also your fans all over the world too happy with the success of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge that has achieved a milestone by completing 1000 weeks and making history in Indian Cinema.

The most loved Jodi of the silver screen Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol will appear together on the most popular show on television Comedy Nights With Kapil. The excitement doesn’t end here, the duo plan to shoot on November 30 at film city and relive their moments from DDLJ on the sets of the comedy show.

Considering the fun the film shares and love it spreads across the nation, Comedy Nights With Kapilis the perfect place to celebrate the happiness this film has delivered across millions of people for 1000 weeks.

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DDLJ is one of the longest running films in the history on Indian cinema. The story of the movie is still the most admired between Raj and Simran and the characters still remain alive in hearts of many.

Even though there are rumors of the crowd puller show of 11.30 am for DDLJ will be pulled off after December 12 but as per the theatre owner Manoj Desai there are no confirmations on this matter as of now.

All we hope is that DDLJ runs longer and makes greater records.  For now we can only wait for the Shah Rukh Khan – Kajol Jodi to come together and recreate the magic for us again.

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