What Shah Rukh Khan Should Learn From The Chennai Incident?

shahrukhShah Rukh Khan is never known to rub the media the wrong way. That’s a Salman Khan‘s thing. But he forgot not everyone in the country will be as forgiving as the Mumbai media. Shah Rukh along with his Happy New Year team were to address the media in Chennai but their delay forced the pressmen there to boycott them. So what did you learn from this incident SRK? Let us list it out for you..

1. Don’t take press for granted. Everybody has an upper limit

2. Yes you are a superstar and everyone needs your footage to run their channels, but Chennai has bigger stars.

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3. Time is money, which includes ours and yours. So please respect it.

4. You cannot pacify everyone with a dimpled apology while blaming the traffic. Next time get better reasons because we are sure you’ll still be late to events. Just get better excuses.

5. Also, train your PR to come up with logical reasoning for your delay. Blaming journalists for coming early is not one of them.

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