Shah Rukh Khan OPENS UP On How He Felt On His Role Being Chopped Off In Dear Zindagi!

Shah Rukh Khan left a lasting impression as a shrink in Dear Zindagi. Even though his role was a cameo and lasted for about 40 minutes in the film, he has given some of the most memorable scenes in this Gauri Shinde movie that addresses the topic of mental health.

Since the very beginning of the promotion, Shah Rukh has taken a backseat and promoted it to be Alia Bhatt’s film and had let her take the lead in all the events. However, what many do not know is the role of Dr. Jehangir Khan was chopped off in the climax of the film.

Those who’ve seen the film know the last emotional scene of Dr. Jug which has been etched in the mind of the audience. However, that wouldn’t have been his last scene if the climax part wasn’t removed.


As per the reports, confirming the same, he said, “It’s like, ‘Look, I just want to act. And I’ve always wanted just that much’. You can ask Gauri or Alia, too. Did I ask what my role is? Did I ever say the scene is not right? The climax scene in the film had me which they removed. I didn’t feel bad. Instead, I felt they did the right thing because it was getting too long anyway. I have never questioned any film. I just want to participate, be an actor and just be happy about it.

Do you feel that his role ended abruptly or you think it was just about what the story demanded? Let us know.

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