Is Shah Rukh Khan Playing It Slow With Happy New Year Promotions?










SONU-SOOD-AND-MALAIKA-ARORA-KHAN-BN6A2801 [tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan is touring with his Happy New Year cast and Honey Singh in UK and USA. And from what we see the tour is turning out to be a success. The film is getting promoted well too but in abroad. We wonder what the actor plans for India promotions. The reasons for our sceptisim are the following.

According to their itinerary, the troupe will return to India on October 6 and then leave for India tours on October 7. That will also run for a week or more as there are seven shows. Now with such a choc-a-block schedule when will they begin the promotions here. There are murmurs that Shah rukh doesn’t want to promote Happy New Year the usual way. He might cram up a few of the TV show appearences before the release of the film.

This can turn out to be a very good strategy. If they get into doing promotions near the release, it will mean the film will get more promotions and people will see only Happy New Year every where. This will aide in the film’s fate at the box office. We will know soon enough.

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