Shah Rukh Khan REACTS On His Humour Being Taken As His Arrogance


Shah Rukh Khan believes that he is a professional and says that he believes in every lie that he tells!

Shah Rukh Khan is known in the industry for his amazing sense of humour. Whether it is his ‘AskSRK’ session on Twitter or any random interview, the superstar never fails to tickle us with his witty words.

But there are also times when a person can be understood. When Shah Rukh was asked about how he reacts on that, he says,”If I spend time reacting to everything people react to what I say or do, then I will never be able to do anything else. I have been told a few times that my humour is misunderstood. It’s unfortunate but you can’t do anything about it.”

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He adds on saying, ”I am an actor. I can do whatever I feel like. I am a professional liar, I believe in every lie I tell, otherwise, I wouldn’t be an actor.”

Talking about the price which one has to pay for becoming a celeb, SRK says, ”Stardom has snatched away some of my perks too. I wore my cargoes three times in a row and I wasn’t allowed to do that. I wanted to wear those cargoes even today, but I could not. When I am promoting my films, I travel in my personal jet, but that’s not a perk, that’s my job. However, I am very grateful to God for having given me all the opportunity, but beyond that, it is all a part of my work.”

He added on further saying, ”The biggest problem a big star faces is to retain the goodness of cinema and continue working at being better than what you are. I maintain what I have said before, you lose the ability to surprise people when you lose the ability to fail, and this takes away every perk from your life.”

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