Shah Rukh Khan Reacts On Se*ual Harassment Cases In Bollywood!


Some big Bollywood celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have supported women who have come out exposing se*ual harassment cases!

Ever since the Hollywood actresses have come out speaking up against the producer Harvey Weinstein, it has encouraged a whole lot of others. When these actresses exposed the se*ual harassment by Weinstein, even many Bollywood actresses started speaking up about the same. And now the superstar Shah Rukh Khan has come out supporting these women.

While talking to Business Insider, he says, “We should not just let it be about ‘Oh this man behaved like this’. And ‘This is so shocking,’ or all of that. But we should respect the emotion of the women taking such a strong step in coming out. And being so brave, and help stop this from happening in our individual industries.”

SRK also added on saying, “The sad part of it is that you don’t know if it could be happening right under your nose.”

The Pad Man star Akshay Kumar also commented on the issue saying, “It’s just that when it [sexual misconduct] happens in Hollywood, it comes out so big. Everybody knows about it, but it’s everywhere.”

The ever funny and wittiest, Twinkle Khanna, made a very strong point as she said, “It’s an outreach that’s been suppressed for very long. Women are tired of being grabbed and groped. Women are tired of bending over backwards to get ahead in the workforce. Bending over backwards to the point where sometimes they have to lie horizontal in order to go forward.”

The exposure of Harvey Weinstein’s cases of se*ual assault even led to social media initiative with the #Metoo. Where women publicly accepted that it has happened with them at some or the other point in their life.