Shah Rukh Khan Reminiscents His Marine Drive Shooting Days

Shah Rukh Khan who hails from Delhi, was always enamored by Marine Drive. As a location a lot of people are taken by the beautiful sea shore.Very early in his career, in his first film Deewana, he had shot on the marine drive walk way. ‎
‎However, after 23 years Shah Rukh got a chance to shoot on the same spot for YRF’s FAN directed by Maneesh Sharma and the memories came flooding back to him.‎

He was reminiscent of his shooting days where he could be waiting out, basking in the sea breeze till the next shot would get ready.

However, this time there was tight security to ensure the shooting runs smoothly and does not create commotion. There were many fans who got to know that he is shooting and so after every shot, he was ushered back into the vanity van.‎They shot for 6 hours at a stretch and Shah Rukh was keen to be out but was aware that would only make the process tougher for the crew.He mentioned to his team how he can feel the the vibe and the pulse of the city here and was endlessly recounting his initial shooting days.Everyone was around him listening to stories of his journey and how Mumbai was back then.