Shah Rukh Khan Speaks About His Failures In Life Like Never Before!


In a career spanning over two decades and 70 films, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has witnessed incredible highs and lows in his career. Despite that, nothing stopped the actor from reaching new heights with each new film. Well, success and failure are a part of life and it’s great to see a big actor like Shah Rukh Khan is giving us major life lessons. In his recent interview with GQ magazine (January edition), Shah Rukh discussed his success and failure. The Raees star also spoke that how failure has turned out a benefit for him.

Speaking about the benefits of failure, Shah Rukh Khan said, “If you fail repeatedly at something, it can tell you that perhaps you’re not cut out for it. It can make you look at a situation more carefully, so you avoid repeating certain mistakes. It strips you of arrogance and can shake you out of your complacency. It can make you more humble and focused. But I think we say these things to make ourselves feel better, because the truth is, failure feels like crap. But it’s also inevitable.”

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On his share of highs and lows, SRK said, “Both are transient. As human beings, we’re fixated on permanence. And that’s the biggest screw-up. We don’t want that holiday to end; we want to be young forever. But nothing is going to stay the same. We know it’s all going to end, and yet look at the conviction with which we wake up and go through every day.

During the interview, Shah Rukh Khan also shared the first failure memory of his life. The actor revealed, “I remember running a 100-metre race in school [at St Columba’s, Delhi], against boys who were a little older than me. Till that point, I’d been running with boys my age and I was used to being in the lead. In that race, though, I came fifth out of six or seven boys. As soon as the race was over, the school officials rushed over to the winners and whisked them off to the podium. There were people around, but no one came to me. It was the emptiest feeling.

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