Shah Rukh Khan Speaks Up On The Odd Hype With Salman Khan!


Shah Rukh Khan Thinks There Is “Overreaction About His Reunion” With Salman Khan

The fans of B-Town are majorly divided between Shah Rukh Khan camp and Salman Khan camp. The two camps are sometimes against each other and at other times celebrate together. The celebrations ensued when it was confirmed that the two Khans of Bollywood will be appearing together on Bigg Boss as well as hosting an award show together.

The excitement of the news hadn’t died down and it was reported that SRK will be making a brief appearance in Salman’s Tubelight. This news brought tears and claps of joy as the two Khans were sharing the silver screen space after years!! Speaking to DNA, SRK had said, “Yes, I am doing a special role in the film. Salman’s a dear friend and I have known Kabir since his college days. So I’m doing it out of love for them.”

It seems like a bit of overreaction for someone who is not a hardcore fan of either Khans. And even Shah Rukh Khan himself thinks so!!

In an interview with a leading daily, SRK spoke about how he felt about such news and hallelujah when it comes to “re-uniting” of Salman and him.

SRK at his witty best, he said, “I think now people overreact to Karan-Arjun coming back. We have come back so often. Sometimes, I feel how many times will Karan-Arjun keep coming back? By now, even Rakhee ji would have felt bad that Karan and Arjun are coming back so many times; itna bhi nahi bulaya tha maine (I didn’t call them so many times) (laughs).”

Shah Rukh Khan even went on to call this hype “odd”. He thinks that in a way Salman is his senior, not in age, but in terms of their seniority when it comes to arriving in Bollywood. Salman came first. He also admitted that the two of them are hot-headed adding that most in B-Town are.

He concluded with a laugh and said, “We all have our own issues and they will stem up from time to time. Till next time when we have a public fight, its good.”

Shah Rukh had further also added about how he will always be grateful to Salman’s family for the help and support they were when he arrived new in the city. He spoke about how Salman’s family had adopted him in a way that he used to go to their house for meals and has even stayed with them. He even trusted them with his own family and friends. SRK spoke the same about even Juhi Chawla and Chunky Pandey and their respective families.

A great friendship has its ups and downs, but it never fails the test of time. This holds true for the friendship of the Khans of Bollywood.