Shah Rukh Khan Takes A Dig At Salman Khan’s Marriage In The Most Funniest Way!


When someone asked Shah Rukh Khan to help Salman Khan to get married, you won’t believe SRK’s reaction!

Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan rocked Bigg Boss 10 stage with their power-packed dance performance. Salman and SRK’s bromance and much-admired friendship has always been a talk of the town. The same was witnessed in the last episode of Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar. The last episode started on a fun note with Shah Rukh showing Salman some of his candid pictures. SRK even asked the audience to guess what was on his mind when he was being snapped.

Shah Rukh Khan, who was on the show for the promotions of his upcoming film Raees, also shared a funny incident. SRK revealed that how he once performed on stage and forgot to zip his pants. He further added that audience asked him to zip up but due to loud music, he could not understand.

Then he also goes on to reveal that even Salman forgot to zip his pants, while they were shooting for Salman’s upcoming film, Tubelight. Pointing at Salman Khan, SRK said that one of his buddies had recently forgotten to zip his pants and realized only after he told him. This was literally funniest moment from the episode!

One of the female contestants asked Shah Rukh Khan to help out Salman Khan to marry. At first, SRK said that it is good Salman Khan does not marry or else the girl has to regret. Later he adds saying that how can he help Salman Khan to marry? He said, “Should I marry on behalf of him again?” Salman then threw a googly saying he is still young to marry!

Salman Khan’s impending has always been a talk of the town and SRK did not miss a chance to take a dig at it.