This Is What Shah Rukh Khan Thinks Of Rakesh Roshan’s Unethical Comment


The most talked about thing about both Raees and Kaabil is the box-office clash they are all set to have. These two films are also coveted as the most anticipated movie of 2017 and this clash is labeled as the biggest clash of 2017.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees has seen numerous hurdles and modifications in its release date and was finally set to release on the same day as Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. The latter announced the release first and if we are to go by the statements made by producer Rakesh Roshan, the clash could have been averted.

He met SRK first, then met him again and it just doesn’t seem to please SRK to move his release date once again. Now, Rakesh Roshan called labeled this development as ‘unethical’.

Here’s what Shah Rukh had to say about that.

He has nothing to say and has chosen not to react. He is respectful towards an industry senior like Rakesh Roshan and doesn’t want to engage in any verbal war.

At Stardust Awards, when we asked King Khan if he would like to respond to Roshan senior’s comment, SRK shrugged his shoulders and smiled, which meant he wants to let it be and not add fuel to the fire.

While Kaabil will start its screening in the evening slot, Raees will be coming in regular shows on 25 January 2017!!