Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi Heads To Hit Om Swami With A Table For This Reason!

Bigg Boss has introduced a very interesting yet unique luxury budget task for the week called, “BB Hostel”. The task required boys and girls of the house to exchange their love letters and also protect them from wardens Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami.  As earlier we reported, the love was in the air inside the house but as we all know, peace does not reside there for long. The troublemakers Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga created ruckus during the task that required Bigg Boss to cancel the task that moment. Now we have some more exclusive news from the tonight’s episode.

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We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, after fighting with Rohan Mehra, Om Swami had an ugly fight with Manu Punjabi also during the same task. Manu and Om Swami got into a verbal fight like never before. Believe it or not, Manu even lifted a wooden table to hit Om Swami but housemates managed to stop him.

Well, being a warden and principal of boys’ hostel, Om Swami was required to keep the couples away and barricade the communication process through love letters. But the troublemaker took the fun task to some another level, that put him in trouble and other housemates too. Om Swami got way too violent and his outrageous behavior has left housemates annoyed.

Now it remains to see how Om Swami fixes this mess and if housemates forgive him for his behavior after the task. What do you think? Share your views in the comments section below.

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