Shah Rukh Khan: Tired, Unwell But Still Raring To Go


MUMBAI: Ruling a space that is usually the domain of women is no mean feat, and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan knows just the trick to get it going.

Shah Rukh Khan, who attended an event for a brand of beauty care (SEE PHOTOS HERE), said that he was late for the event because he was unwell.

He reiterated that his hectic shooting schedules have taken a toll on him.

Shah Rukh Khan, who had recently undergone a surgery for a nasty shoulder injury just a few months ago, said: “I am little unwell… having fever. I travel so much… then shooting, so getting less sleep. I am not tired but I am unwell. I get irritated when people show they are unwell.”

Even his tweet last night spoke of how the flu was getting to him, “Been under the weather. Will spend tonite watching Chennai Express on Zee tv…am sure will bring some some taste to my bland Chicken soup”.

At the ‘Lux Chennai Express’ contest event, Shah Rukh was in a jovial mood despite being under the weather. SRK even spoke about the fact that he was not at all embarrassed to endorse women’s beauty products.

Nevertheless, he admitted to feeling shy and self-conscious when he had to shoot for an and for the brand, which saw him in a bathtub, surrounded by Juhi Chawla, Hema Malini, Sridevi and Kareena Kapoor.

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