Shah Rukh Khan To Go For A Major Surgery!


Shahrukh-Khan-Net-WorthBollywood’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan is nowhere stopping to impress his fans by giving back to back hit films. After Happy New Year last year, the actor is back with his three big films, Fan, Raees and Dilwale. Referred as ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’, Shah Rukh Khan has struggled a lot to be the most successful actor that he is now. He is a man of struggle, success, charm, passion, sadness and full of life.

Despite of his arthroscopic surgery of left knee this year, Shah Rukh Khan has given his best for the shooting of his upcoming films. The actor had gone through a surgery after which he started shooting for Fan and Dilwale.

In a recent interview with a leading daily, Shah Rukh Khan shared his recurring injuries and much more. The actor said, “Injuries are like my hits. There have been too many of both (laughs). This [knee injury] is recurring. I first got hurt [on my knee] during Koyla (1997), then again during the filming of another movie. Then, during Happy New Year (2014), a door on the set fell on me. That’s when my knee got hurt again. In Fan, there is a lot of running around, and Raees has several action sequences. So, I guess my knee is just not getting a chance to get better. All the surgeries I have got done have been successful. Only my knee surgeries have been unsuccessful.”

SRK has been suffering from repeated pain and swelling of left knee over the last several months. His recent surgery had confirmed it is due to repeated injuries over the last few years. The actor who is working had for his upcoming film Dilwale, shared how he would need to go for another major surgery soon.

He said, “I think I will have to go for a major surgery now. Till that time, I have to make do with a minor one, so that I am able to finish my films. There is a chance that I can avoid it (the major surgery) for three to four years. If I can’t, then after February, I will think about it. If I do it, then I will require rest for four-five months, and a total break from work. But right now, I am feeling better. I am exercising. Things have been very hectic, but I don’t feel pressurised at all, except for the injury that got me (to slow down) for 10-12 days.

Credits: Hindustan Times

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