Shah Rukh Khan Waits For Deepika Padukone



MUMBAI: It is not quite unusual to see Shah Rukh Khan arrive late for promotions or interviews. Depending on the ‘supposed’ Mumbai traffic, SRK mostly makes his presence at least fifteen minutes- to an hour’s delay from scheduled time. But in spite of SRK’s punctuality this time around, Deepika Padukone kept him waiting for a good four-and-half hours.

The duo, currently on a promotional drive for ‘Chennai Express’, were supposed to shoot a promotional episode for a TV series. Shah Rukh Khan arrived surprisingly 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.

At Mehboob Studios in Mumbai, while everyone was patiently waiting for Deepika Padukone, the lady walked in close to 9: 00 PM. The actors had refused to shoot beyond 9:30 PM as they had to catch a flight for London. Without any explanations the duo started shooting and wrapped up by 9:30 PM. It was only later that the producers realised that there were many glitches in the footage.

While they have requested Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, and both have also agreed, they will have to wait for a week till the stars return. ‘Chennai Express’ is travelling to London and will head to Dubai until it finally stops at Chennai.

‘Chennai Express’ will see Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone again after ‘Om Shanti Om’. They will also share screen-space in Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’. For now all wait to see how Shah Rukh Khan reacts to Deepika’s latecoming. Over to you SRK!