What Should Shah Rukh, Salman And Aamir Talk On Ranbir Kapoor’s Film?


Ranbir-FeaturedRanbir Kapoor wants to make a short film on the three Khan‘s – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. Now that’s a biggie. If Ranbir manages this casting coup, then life mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai.

However cordial they may be, the three Khan‘s don’t share good relations with each other. In fact, Shah Rukh and Salman are not even on talking terms. But that hasn’t deterred Kapoor from announcing an 8 minute short film with all three of them sitting on a couch talking to each other. Hypothetically speaking, if such a short film becomes a reality ever, we wonder what the three Khan’s would talk.

Here are a few topics they can brainstorm on.

1.       Salman Khan can open up about his feud with Shah Rukh and may be end it forever. Aamir had once said he would love to see them as friends again, he can easily be the mediator here.

2.       Aamir Khan can share why despite Shah Rukh and Salman making more noise with their films, how he always manages to walk away with the marketing genius tag.

3.       Aamir can also share why he doesn’t attend award ceremonies and why Shah Rukh never misses any. Salman may also want to say why he attends them on a whim.

4.       All three of them can decide on who is the King Khan once and for all and end this debate forever.

5.       Salman and Shah Rukh can perhaps send out a message to their fans respectively that warring over them on Twitter is utter waste of time. They should put it to good use because once the time is lost it is lost forever.

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