Shahadah Movie Review: Compells You To Think The Real Meaning Of Jihad


Director: Yasin
Cast: Kabir Avran, Aisha Anoop, Ramya Nikhil, Rashee Kechri, Anoop Majeed, Amjad, and Manoj
Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐

Director Yasin brings an interesting take on the much controversial issue Jihad. Shahadah showcases the real meaning of Jihad. The film is about a holy battle where a man is ready to accept death only for the goodness of others.

Kabir Avran, a secret Jihadi kidnaps a young girl Fatimah (Aisha Anoop) and prepares her to kill the minister with the help of a human bomb but what changes his mind forms rest of the crux.

Shahada is a hard hitting story which compells you to think. It is an interesting take on introspecting Jihad. Produced by Anoop Majeed, Shahada is streaming live on OTT platform, Filmeraa