Shahid Kapoor Knows Why India Hardly Wins At Oscars

shahidShahid Kapoor has a theory about why Indian films don’t make it to the Oscars. Not that we agree to it but we feel he has a point. Our Oscar fixation is world reknowned. Even if we get a plethora of awards at our home turf, we still pine for the Golden statue.

We guess finally an actor did figure out why our films don’t deserve an Oscar nomination. Shahid feels that the filmmakers here are more focused on what the audience here wants rather than mulling over what the Oscar committee might like to watch.

The sensibilities here are very different from the West. Hence, only a handful works here as well as internationally. Indians don’t make film to please the global audience but the local one.

Shahid also believes that at times it is the parallel cinema that hits a bull’s eye. Such films even get the Oscar nomination nod because filmmakers don’t toil on how to make their films palatable for Indian audience. They make low-cost and tighter films and are not scared of experimenting with subjects.

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