Shahid Kapoor Wants Hrithik Roshan To Dare Him


Shahid-HrithikShahid Kapoor said in an interview that he is not too worried about clashing with Bang Bang! on October 2 as both Haider and Hrithik Roshan‘s film belong to different genres. But people are thoughtful about what will be of Haider if Bang Bang! keeps its promise of going bang bang at the box office. Anyway, we will ull over it when the day arrives. Shahid it seems is not content with clashing with Hrithik at the box office. He wants him dare him!

We hope you have got the hint here. Hrithik has been daring whole of Bollywood in last couple of days with various challenges. Some have accepted and outperformed while some are still in the waiting. But intentionally or unintentionally, Hrithik avoided giving a dare to Shahid with whom he boned tremendously during IIFA. In fact, they have a mutual admiration society of their own.

Guess, Shahid too felt it was time Hrithik dared him too and so he tweeted, “Hai der @iHrithik after seeing @RanveerOfficial video just have to say .. Why no bangbangdare for me .. N @RanveerOfficial u ragggged it”


But will not that be a conflict of interest? We wonder…


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