Shahrukh Khan Follows Salman Khan, Messes With Media In Chennai

Shahrukh-SalmanShahrukh Khan Follows Salman Khan, Messes With Media In Chennai

At a recent event in Chennai for the promotion of Shahrukh Khan starer Happy New Year the media decided to walk out as the star was late at the event by over four hours.

Media in the south is any way less tolerant to Bollywood stars and th e news that apparently Shahrukh and his team were doing an exclusive only added fuel to the fire.

The press left the event and later ion the confusion of the timing was blamed on the miscommunication of the p r teams of the local fashion show event, and the promotions of Happy New year with the entire team.

Shahrukh apparently even tried to woo the rest of the media that was going to walk out by promising to give all of them exclusive time but they still refused as per reports in the media.

Recently Salman Khan also had a tiff with the media when his bodyguards had manhandled photographers after which they banned Salman Khan , and the ban still continues. This happened at the event of Kick .

So after the Abs Controversy is Shahrukh Khan following the lead of annoying the media ? One surely hopes not but this event is yert another warning for stars and their press managers to keep to their timings and not take the media for granted .


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