SHOCKING! These Bollywood Actresses Demanded Massive Numbers To Star Opposite Prabhas In Saaho


Looks like our Bollywood Actresses definitely need a reality check more than a paycheque! Their fat demands are not only astonishing but also quite amusing considering their limited box office clot.

Earlier, there were rumours that Katrina Kaif has been zeroed down to play the lead role opposite Baahubali fame Prabhas in his upcoming project Saaho. However, this is not true and the makers of Saaho are still looking for a Bollywood actress to co-star with Prabhas in the film. While Katrina was considered for the role, these two actresses demanded a lavish amount to star in the film.

The producers of Prabhas’ next project Saaho, wanted a Bollywood actress opposite Prabhas to give Saaho a pan-India look. The heroine has a fantastic role in Saaho and they wanted someone beautiful, Indian and emotive actress for the same. Shraddha Kapoor was the first choice. She heard them out and was almost jumping with excitement during the narration. Then she quoted a price that had the Saaho team running out of Shraddha’s residence as fast as possible. Shraddha Kapoor demanded a whopping amount of Rs .8 crores to co- star with Prabhas! Can you believe it?

Let’s think of it. When was the last time Shraddha Kapoor had a hit? Her last two films Ok Jaanu and ROCK ON 2! were disasters at the box office, yet, her price on Bollywood’s rate card is Rs. 8 crores. The producers were shocked. They don’t pay that kind of money to actors in Telugu cinema. But Shraddha didn’t budge. She said she loved the script and she would love to work with Prabhas but the price remains unchanged.

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The producers then approached Disha Patani, who played Dhoni’s deceased beloved in the bio-pic M.S Dhoni : The Untold Story with a career as dead as her character. The producers thought that she had started her career in Telugu cinema so she would be keenly interested in the project as it stars Prabhas.

To their surprise, she not only played hard to get, she asked for a fee that had the producers reeling. Disha Patani who started her career in Telugu cinema wouldn’t meet the producers. When she finally did she said she’d let them know. Later she had her team members inform that she liked the script, but would want Rs. 5 crores as her fee.

The producers want to know which Bollywood producer pays Disha Patani that kind of money, and for what? adding that they met several other Bollywood actresses including Kriti Sanon. However, nothing worked out and now, the producers are now done with Bollywood actresses. Actress Pooja Hegde was also considered for the role and the deliberations are on but nothing’s confirmed yet. With Prabhas in the project, they don’t need them and they will cast a Telugu actress.

Shraddha Kapoor and Disha Patani remained unavailable for comment.

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