Shocking: Emraan Hashmi’s Son Diagnosed With Cancer


imran Hasmi facebook pics-2Tragedy has struck Emraan Hashmi and his family, as his four year old son Ayan has been diagnosed with first stage cancer.

“I got a call from Emraan at about 12.30 on Monday. He was speaking some garbled words and it was a call that kind of shattered me, as he was inconsolable. He was calling from Hinduja Hospital where his four year old son Ayan had been diagnosed with a tumour in his kidney that was found malignant. The doctor had suggested immediate surgical intervention after which the road map for the future would be decided and that would probably mean chemotherapy,” informed a very worried and emotional Mahesh Bhatt.

The moment Mr. Bhatt got to know of this, he ran to meet the emotionally broken Emraan. What he saw was a frail and broken down Emraan with his wife, but his son was so full of life, hardly close to looking ailing from the dreaded cancer.

“It was time for us to get hold of ourselves, take the news in our stride and do what was needed. But we need to be very strong to deal with that catastrophe. I took Emraan aside and told him that I felt this will pass and we will be able to tide over it, and he looked at me with hope and suspicion,” Mahesh Bhatt added.

The bone marrow scan of Ayan is clear, so it is first stage cancer and thus curable.

Emraan is very sure that as a parent he will do all that it takes to get his son out of the clutches of this deadly disease. “I will make sure as a parent that I will create a firewall around him and protect him.”

Our heart goes out to Ayan and we hope and pray that he comes out of all this as soon as possible.