Shocking! Extremely Disgusting And Derogatory Message Of Ajaz Khan For Pakistanis


His claim ticket to fame was a season of Bigg Boss. His tactless language and ‘bhai type’ attitude made him infamous and got him a lot of chiding even from Salman Khan, the host himself. The person in question is none other than Ajaz Khan who is known for his attention seeking behavior.

Recently Ajaz Khan joined the club of unwarranted behavior in name of nationalism. These seem to be some sort of emerging new kinds which should not be labeled even nationalists let alone be called patriotic.

Watch the video, which is now deleted, where he uses the choicest abuses to vent out his frustrations. He uses the most distasteful words directed towards all Pakistanis.

In the backdrop of the unfortunate Uri attacks, followed by the ban on Pakistani artistes to work in Bollywood in any capacity until further notice has got the whole nation on a debate. Bollywood too seems divided in this issue.

However, falling to this level in name of patriotism is like mocking patriotism. It is a shame that he would talk about loving his country in the same video.

This is not being patriotic but just plain attention seeking behaviour, don’t you think so?

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