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Here’s Why Fawad Khan Fan Felt Disappointed After Watching Ae Dil...

Read a heartfelt letter where a Fawad Khan fan regrets falling in love with him and this letter is a rant explaining why so.

Farah Khan Finally Speaks Up About Karan Johar’s Troubles Over Ae...

Farah Khan came in support of Karan Johar's video and said that he is ‘stressed out’ and he has said all what he feels.

OMG! MNS Gives A Final Warning To Multiplex Owners Days Before...

After vandalising Karan Johar's office on his stand of banning Pakistani artistes, MNS threatens the multiplexes with this now.

Shocking! Extremely Disgusting And Derogatory Message Of Ajaz Khan For Pakistanis

Watch here - Ajaz Khan's message to all Pakistanis where uses the most distasteful and derogatory language

Ajay Devgn Slams Salman Khan For This Reason

Ajay Devgn recently took his stand on the on-going tensions between India and Pakistan.