SHOCKING! Rakhi Sawant Admits She Got Engaged For This Reason

The gossip queen, Rakhi Sawant, knows how to seek attention in every way. Rakhi has made a controversial statement about her swayamvar show, Rakhi ka Swayamvar, which was a show about her finding the right groom for marriage. It’s been seven years to the show and she says she still cannot find the right guy and still hasn’t found one.

In a recent interview, Rakhi Sawant said that she is struggling for a healthy marriage. India is a country full of controversies and spicy news and everybody remembers how Rakhi had declared her engagement with Elesh Parujanwala and a huge debate had taken over. When questioned over that engagement now, Rakhi left the media astonished


When questioned over that engagement now, Rakhi left the media astonished after saying that she got engaged to Elesh for money because she wanted to buy a flat.

Rakhi Sawant in fact said that why would she lie about it when that was the only purpose. Rakhi said she didn’t marry him because she didn’t want to marry someone to divorce him later. Also, she said she hasn’t seen good prospects in her life with marriage. The lady said that she is not dating anybody because of the image that is portrayed about her by the media.

Rakhi also said she doesn’t want to marry any struggler or a young guy, instead she is looking for a mature man who can look after her and her needs

Earlier, Rakhi Sawant was seen in a relationship with Abhishek Awasthi for quite a long time but then they also faced a thorny phase and broke up later. She said that he was upset after being identified as her boyfriend and that she was a shameful part of his past. Since then the controversial lady has not been seen in any relation.

Well! Let’s wait for another spicy news about Rakhi Sawant.

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