Breaking Bigg Boss 10: After Sahil Anand, This Is Shocking, Guess Who Gets EVICTED In Double Eviction!


Last weekend, star host Salman Khan shocked the housemates after he introduced 4 wild card contestants in Bigg Boss 10 house. After wild card contestants entered the house, the show took a drastic turn at a new level altogether. Finally, now another weekend has arrived and there’s lot in the store for the audience. While you are eagerly waiting to know what new twists and turns the show will take, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, not one but two contestants have been evicted from the house.

Earlier we exclusively revealed, none other than Sahil Anand got evicted in the first eviction and guess who is out in the second eviction? Any guesses who is evicted in the second eviction?

CLICK NEXT TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE SECOND EVICTED CONTESTANT!lopabanimanveer-safe-bigg-bossnithibha-kaul-2-safe-bigg-bossrohan-mehra-safe-bigg-boss priyanka-jagga-evicted-bigg-boss
We exclusively reveal, Priyanka Jagga has been eliminated in the second eviction after Sahil Anand. Priyanka Jagga‘s eviction from the show wasn’t an ordinary one as the makers of the show had called magicians in the house. The magicians did some magical tricks to entertain the housemates and eventually, a game was played where the magician had to create one name out of 7 nominated contestants. The name that magically appears will get evicted and the name that magician created with a trick was of Priyanka Jagga. And she is out BUT with a TWIST. Stay tuned we will soon reveal the twist.

What do you think about Priyanka’s eviction? Share your views in the comments section below and watch this space as we have some more Exclusive inside scoop coming from weekend ka vaar episodes.

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