Shocking! Ranbir Kapoor Reveals On Sleeping With His Friend’s Girlfriend!


Karan Johar gets the darkest and dirtiest secret out from all his guests on his popular chat show, Koffee with Karan! This time it was none other than the ladies mad, Ranbir Kapoor who confessed on the show that he has slept with one of his friend’s girlfriend!! Shocked?

He is known for his casanova image, which he usually denies of and claims to be have been misunderstood! In fact, he has also dated quite a few of his co-stars in Bollywood including Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. This Bollywood heartthrob is currently single.

When he came to KWK along with Ranveer Singh, he made one of the most private and personal revelation. In the promo of the show, Karan asks both the hunks if they have ever slept with a friend’s girlfriend. In case the answer is yes, they have to kiss Arjun Kapoor (who makes a special appearance on this episode) on the cheeks. And to everyone’s surprise, Kapoor Junior kisses Arjun. As shocked as probably you are right now, Arjun asks if the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil star had slept with his past girlfriends. Ranbir denied that, but he has slept with a friend’s girlfriend! Now, we don’t know which friend and which girlfriend. Only Ranbir knows the answer to that.

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