Simran Sarkar’s Take On Building A Digital Empire

Seizing every opportunity that the market throws at you is the new mantra of the 21st Century. The digital market offers flexibility, and the demand is never-ending. People, regardless of their age, scroll through hundreds of “digital content” every day. Memes, videos, images, photographs, jokes, news- you name it, the digital world offers it. There’s no definite rule as to which content will go viral, which one will be consumed by audiences all over the world. 

Simran Sarkar from India has defied all odds and climbed the ladder to success in digital marketing. For someone hailing in Jalpaiguri, making a name in this field is a Herculean task. She started with Content Writing from the age of 14. She wanted to create content that would be relatable, regardless of the country the audience was in. Simran started her journey by writing articles for $5 per article. She lost her parents at a tender age and had to do something to sustain herself. The world of digital marketing opened up new vistas for her since then. Soon, she became the creative head at Klarusmedia. 

Since then, Simran has worked with many companies across India and has consistently delivered content that has gone viral throughout the world. She then moved to Calcutta at the age of 16 for higher education and started working as an intern at a digital marketing startup in Calcutta. 

The reason for her widespread success is doing what she loved. Simran discovered her love for creating content from a very young age. This desire to create more pushed her to take up more responsibility and work at bigger firms. She dropped out of college cause I wanted to focus more on creating good content digitally.

Today, she has pages on Instagram and facebook that have over 5 million followers, one of them is called Life of a Rider which has over 600,000 followers. The pages in the total boast of over 15 million shares worldwide. 

Needless to say, Simran made it big in this world of content. She crossed every hurdle in her path to success and saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Her story remains an inspiration for everyone looking to make a name for themselves through digital media

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