Social Media influencer Wael Abu Alteen wants to expand his channel at international level

wael abu alteen

Wael Abu Alteen is a Dubai based Travel blogger who holds a degree of Bachelor in Electronics engineering from Jordan.

In 2013, Wael moved to Dubai and worked for 5 years in Dubai as a Biomedical Engineer. During this period he gained a solid technical knowledge as well as many improvements on a personal level to be working in a fast growing city.

Wael started his social media work as an influencer featuring travel (destinations and hotels) in 2016. He first stared to work with local brands and hotels in Dubai; his main goal was to feature hotels and restaurants for his followers and encourge them to visit it and try it. He has travelled to 43 countries so far.

Within 2 years, Wael was able to feature mostly all the hotels in Dubai and started to work on an international level with many tourism boards and hotels around the world.

Wael worked with with several tourism boards around the world, to name a few – Dubai tourism board, Switzerland tourism board, Czech Republic tourism board, Malta tourism board, Dominic Republic tourism board, and many more. His main focus was to feature the destinations and bring more exposure for his followers through social media platforms.

In 2018, Wael decided to take a step into education and social media so he got accepted to complete masters degree in Germany in Biomedical Engineering.

Around this time, Wael had decided to quit his job to expand his social media channel on an international level and moved to Germany; while simultaneously studying. His Instagram handle @waelalteen became more international.

Recently, Wael participated at the Switzerland international summit were he was the only representative of the Middle East; which happened in Davos, June 2019.

Weal got opportunities to work with many big hotels chains around the world. His main focus is to share an easy going experience for his followers and highlight the most of any new destinations.

Wael Alteen wants to explore more places and create an awareness amongst the masses through his creative & innovative work.

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