I Slept For 2 Days Straight After Having Cocaine Says Sanjay Dutt


The Munna Bhai of Bollywood, Sanjay Dutt, has a long history of and tough battle with substance abuse.

At a recent session in Delhi, Sanjay Dutt was the guest with sister Priya Dutt and friend Pooja Bhatt at the Young Ladies’ Organisation which was nearly an ice breaking session for all as Dutt out spoke like never before.

The actor who has gone through a prisoner’s life for 1 year for illegal possession of firearms opened up about how he got into drugs when he got nervous while asking girls to talk to him.

Sanjay Dutt told the media that he was always on drugs when his mother was undergoing cancer treatment. He said when he entered Bollywood with Rocky, he was so enrolled into drugs that he carried 1 kg of Heroin inside his shoes at the airport. He said luckily at that point, the security check process wasn’t as strict as now but what would have happened if he would have got  caught. He said that he didn’t care for his sisters and acted irresponsible. Sanjay Dutt added that this is what drugs does to you, you don’t care about your family or anybody.

He said once he had Cocaine up to such a level that he slept straight for 2 days and felt as if he would die when he woke up.
Junior Dutt said the reason why he indulged into drugs is mainly because of a fear of taking to women.
He said that somebody mislead him about drugs and said that if he would start taking drugs, he will have the guts to talk to women. He added that he took drugs and that actually worked. Sanjay Dutt advised teenagers and youngsters that it is better to be high on life than being high on drugs. He said do good in life and get appreciated only that will make you high in life.
Rajkumar Hirani is motivated towards directing a biopic on Sanjay Dutt which will have Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt and Sonam Kapoor as one of the female leads.