Soha Ali Khan And Sharmila Tagore Team Up For Plan India

Soha and Sharmila Tagore Main cover Soha and Sharmila Tagore-1 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-3 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-2 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-4 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-11 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-6 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-8 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-5 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-9 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-12 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-10 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-13 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-14 Soha and Sharmila Tagore-7[tps_footer]The gorgeous mother and daughter duo of Soha Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore, were recently seen launching Clinic Plus‘s new campaign in collaboration with Plan India – an Initiative for the betterment and education of girl child.

Soha Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore are best choosen ambassador for such a noble cause. In an interaction with the media Sharmila Tagore stated that she has always given utmost priority to her children’s education.

Soha too emphasised her concern over the girl child education and also about the role of a mother. The initiative aims to ensure daughters continue their education and do not drop out from school. It aims to reach out to mothers in building awareness of the importance of their daughters’ education.

Speaking on the occasion Sharmila Tagore stated, “Soha and I were always associated with awareness driven initiatives for the betterment of the society. I’m very happy that Clinic Plus and Plan India have come together for this campaign for education of girl child. When you educate a girl, you educate a family, thus I sincerely hope this campaign becomes a big success.”

Sharmila Tagore also revealed a fascinating fact about her children that she never expected that Saif and Soha would take up acting as their profession.

“Mansoor and I thought that Soha would follow an academic career. Earlier she was working with Ford Foundation in the developmental field and after that she started working with Citibank. Then we thought maybe she has changed her mind. But then she started showing interest towards working in films and her first film was a Bengali film, which I was quite happy being a Bengali.” she a proud mother.

Soha Ali Khan made her acting debut in 2004 with Iti Srikanta in Bangla and Dil Maange More in Bollywood; while Saif Ali Khan debuted in 1992 in Yash Chopra‘s Parampara