Sohum Shah, Director Rahi Anil Barve And Adesh Prasad Narrate The Journey Of Tumbbad In This New BTS


The saga of Tumbbad is a many-layered journey and this newly released BTS perfectly escapades what went on behind making the entire film.

Giving glimpses of fantasy, action, frights, and scares, Tumbbad is a horrific and thrilling experience that questions the roots of human greed while providing entertainment of the purest kind.

Adesh Prasad, writer of Tumbbad shares, “It didn’t look like anything that I had seen. But a little darker than those like we have cocktailed our own mythology”.

Rahi Anil Barve, director of Tumbbad shares, “Writing the first draft of Tumbbad in 97 when I was 18 without exaggeration. In 2009-2010 it took me 8 months, I have created 700 pages of a storyboard. It was anchor on which everything was based”.

Starring Sohum in the lead role, Tumbbad presents an interesting mixture of mythology, fantasy and thriller leaving everyone with a spine-chilling experience.

While Talking about the script Sohum Shah shares, “When I first saw the script it had the seed of craziness. The ideas were so good it made me pursue all of them for the film”.

He further added, “The film mainly looks like a fairy tale narrated by your grandmother like Vikram Aur Betaal and Panchatantra”.

Sohum Shah has been working on Tumbad for 6 years to make his vision a reality. He faced several obstacles to make the movie.

The director, Rahi Anil Barve while talking about Sohum Shah shares, “It was just impossible without Sohum Shah”.

More than 300 people were present on sets while shooting for the film. Interestingly, the entire cast and crew had to keep food outside the villa at night to follow the traditions of Tumbbad.

Tumbbad completed its shooting in 2015 and while talking about the same Sohum Shah shares, “The last day of the film was on 13th May 2015 and around 4 pm we all were like pack up. I literally had tears in my eyes. It actually felt like some war has come to an end”.

The film involved lot of creative personalities on board. While talking about the same Rahi Anil Barve shares, “There is Sohum, Mitesh, Anand Gandhi, Panka and every single person who associated was with the fil was a talented person.

The trailer of the film has left the audience gripped as Tumbbad presents an interesting mixture of mythology, fantasy and thriller leaving everyone with a spine-chilling experience.

The much ambitious project has been roller coaster ride for Sohum Shah while Aanand L Rai defines the film as a genre-defining film.

Tumbbad is an Eros International and Aanand L Rai’s presentation and a Sohum Shah Films in association with Colour a Yellow Productions. Co-produced by Filmi Väst and Filmgate Films. Tumbbad is set to release on 12th October 2018.

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