Sona Mohapatra Slams Salman Khan’s Fans On The “Rape” Controversy


Slman-Khan-Sona[tps_footer]Just a few weeks before the release of Sultan, Salman Khan found himself in a soup as he blatantly made an extremely insensitive comment about his shot and ended up being labelled as a sexist!

This comment has triggered a lot of animosity and negativity over social media, especially Twitter. Of course, the women are flocking in numbers, agitated and pissed with such a comment. In between all this, Sona Mohapatra tweeted about this and she expressed her disgust at Bhai’s insensitive talk. Sona also tweeted the picture of Hrishikesh Kannan who claimed that the allegations against Salman were false and that he was misquoted. On the other hand,  Sona held the opinion that despite all the charges against Salman, people still look up to him as a heroic figure!

All this and outburst people in twitter slamming and abusing Sona in the filthiest manner possible. Right from derogatory abuses to her chastity, everything was put to question. The hate just did not stop at that. The funniest part is , most of the people abusing her left and right did not know who she was!

But Sona Mahapatra being the outspoken woman who doesn’t give two hoots about haters, slammed everyone at one go with this tweet which read :

“Dear Bhai Chamchas,

You continue to prove my point with every perverted, sick, cheap message you write to me. HaHa”

Way to go Sona. Burn them down!