Sonakshi Sinha Mocks The Golden Kela Awards


Sonakshi SinhaNobody would have guessed that the pretty, politically correct Sonakshi Sinha would have such a wicked sense of humour. The daughter of yesteryear hero Shatrughan Sinha, Ms. Dabangg Sonakshi has proven she’s quite the satirical, sarcastic firecracker!

The naughty and cheeky Sonakshi, when being faced with a Golden Kela Award, struck back at the Indian version of the Raspberry or Razzie awards with her inimitable wit and humour. The Annual Golden Kela Awards, incidentally, are a satirical take on awards shows, and give out Worst Performance Awards, instead of Best Performance Awards.

When the fiery Sona was informed that she had won a Golden Kela for her ghastly, over-the-top performance in 2013’s hit action thriller R..Rajkumar, she was bemused, to say the least. Quick to fire back a salvo, Sonakshi posted a picture of herself with a real Kela (banana), on her Instagram feed.

Going by the handle aslisona, Sonakshi Sinha captioned the selfie shot of herself with: “What to do with a ‘golden kela’ when i got the real deal right here?? 4 rupees only and edible too. Yum. Kela people – You want?? Hehehe”

Now that’s called being a real haazir jawaab, what say?

We honestly loved Sonakshi Sinha’s quick wit and instant rebuttal. Kudos to the clever actress, who has proven she can take criticism in her stride.

Tell us what you think of Sonakshi Sinha‘s Satirical Banana Republic Move!