Sonakshi Sinha Gets Ready For Her First Action Film

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

At last Sonakshi is ready to have a blast. Having played a string of delicate feminine very Indian roles Sonakshi will now be cast in Prabhu Deva’s Namak in her first full-fledged action role.

The film being described by a source very close to the project as “an intense love story with a violent backdrop”, would be a new beginning for director Prabhu Deva.

Says a friend of Prabhu, “He is scripting Namak. This would be his first effort at screenplay writing. So far he has only directed films written by others. He felt it was about time he created the characters himself.”

And we understand from Prabhu’s friend that the girl’s part has been written specially for Sonakshi.

Says our source, “During Rowdy Rathore, Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi really hit it off. When he was shooting the Govinda song with Sonakshi for Oh My God, Prabhu mentioned to Sonakshi that watching her agile dance steps he was sure she would make a terrific action heroine. He told her about the girl in Namak who doesn’t just stand behind the hero biting her lips and wringing her hands, but actually has her own action plan. Sonakshi was immediately game.”

Her excitement comes from the fact that so far all her films have featured her as a demure, sweet angelic desi girl.

Says our source, “There’s a very trendy and Westernized, very young side to Sonakshi not yet tapped because so far she has only been working with heroes twice her age. Ranveer Singh is her first young co-star. But their film Lootera again features her in a very ladylike avatar with lowered eyes and long eyelashes.”

Apparently since both Shahid and Sonakshi would be kicking serious ass in Namak, Prabhu Deva wants to put them both under joint physical training.

Says our source, “He wants his lead pair to excel in the martial arts. But he doesn’t want them to learn their stunts separately. Their action scenes should look perfectly co-ordinated on screen. For that Shahid and Sonakshi have to make the time get into the action mode as a couple.”