Sonam Kapoor Getting Engaged? Actress Strongly Reacts!


Sonam Kapoor seems to be very upset with the media reports on her personal life!

The Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is mostly known in the industry for her amazing fashion sense and also for her outspoken nature. The actress never hesitates in expressing her true and honest opinion. She is one of those actresses in the industry who speaks her heart out.
It has been quite a while now that the reports on her relationship with alleged beau Anand Ahuja are doing the rounds of media. And it seems that now Sonam is totally angry with the media reports on her personal life.

The actress, in a series of tweets, has expressed her displeasure over all such reports. She says, “There’s so much going on in this world but my so-called personal life is what you want to cover.. #notengagedatall #getalifelosers.”

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Posting an image of her statement, she adds on further saying, “For all the news outlets out there, who are speculating about my personal life and writing unnecessary gossip about it because they think it makes good copy. If your sources are my friends and family then be rest assured they are not really my ‘friend or family’ and if I do get married or engaged I’ll announce it on my own. So stop writing crap and stick to your real job of journalism.”

She has even said, “What’s scary is that most of these columnists are women. Not realising that a woman’s worth is not quantified by a ring on her finger. What’s sad is that a women’s worth is quantified through this shit.. why aren’t male heroes asked this.”

Talking to Pinkvilla about Sonam’s marriage, Anil Kapoor had said, “It’s her decision – When? How? With whom? What does she want to do? We all talk about these things, when the time is right she will do it for sure.”