Sonam Kapoor Gives It Back To Her Haters



[tps_footer]Bollywood’s Bindaas actress Sonam Kapoor and recently launched her own app and Sonam is going gaga over it. Well, she should be proud of her unique achievement although in the West stars like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and more have their own apps and it’s another way to promote yourself and share directly with your fans about the happenings in your life, which our stars love to do but they never accept it publicly. And, being on social media means you are open to getting messages and comments from random people who will bless you with their unwanted gyan even if your right but wrong according to them.

Hmm.. So what should one do to avoid such kind of people in the online world? Usually, when someone talks nonsense with superstar Amitabh Bachchan or actress Anushka Shetty, we have heard them saying in the interviews that they give enough of space to other people to raise their own opinions and have their own voice but they also know when to give a warning if some people forget their limits. But, Sonam Kapoor has a different take on this she feels such people should be in your blocklist and not friends or followers list. Yes, fearless Sonam strongly feels that the best way to avoid such people is to block them from any further interactions.

Sonam Kapoor knows that in the online world people are more outspoken and can show their guts from behind the glowing screens of their computers, tablets, cellphones and more but she has come up with just one solution to haters and negative people and it’s called ‘block.'[/tps_footer]