Sonam Kapoor On A Cloud 9 After Neerja?


Sonam-Kapoor-7[tps_footer]Sonam Kapoor has achieved a lot of success both, commercially and critically as well. People just can’t stop gushing about Sonam‘s amazing performance in the biopic of Neerja. No other biopic in India has received this kind of response at the box office, from the critics and fans. This movie is a celebration for all, especially Sonam Kapoor as it’s the biggest hit of her career so far. It’s also a big celebration for Bhanot family, who is busy rejoicing for their fearless daughter Neerja’s sacrifice and humanity shown on silver screen, making her an example of patience, love, bravery and so much more. Who won’t be proud of Neerja Bhanot, especially the family she took birth in and was brought up with so much of love and care.


Other than Arjun Kapoor, barely there is anybody from the B-Town who has not seen Neerja and praised Sonam, it’s entire cast and the makers of it. But when Sonam was asked which was the best compliment so far given to her for Neerja and by whom ?? Sonam just couldn’t stop smiling and she said “The validation that came from the Bhanot brothers, that was the biggest compliment. Aneesh called up and then Akhil called up and that made me happy. I didn’t read the reviews for two days, but these things made my day.”


Awww.. That’s sooo sweet Sonam !! We hope, both, Bhanot Brothers get to know how much their acceptance for your performance as Neerja in the movie meant to you. Neerja‘s real life mom already sees her own daughter in Sonam Kapoor and is always full of love for her and now this love and appreciation from brothers makes it even more sweet and unforgettable. Sonam, you have learnt the art of winning hearts naturally ! We wish this charm of you keeps increasing and never fades away.[/tps_footer]