When Sonam Kapoor Saved Kajol From Getting Embarrassed


Kajol-Sonam-In life some people take rivalry to their grave, while some friendships become a legendary story to be told to the future lots. Same goes in B-town as well. The cut-throat rivalry among Bollywood stars are no big surprise for us. But it’s not always about cold wars or rivalries, B-towners also share a strong, special bond with some or the other one in their lives. The stars never hesitate to let new friendship flourish.

We saw a new bonding grow strong among Khoobsurat star Sonam Kapoor and DDLJ’s “Simran” Kajol at a recent award show. Apparently as reported, Kajol was all set to get on the stage to present an award, but just then her hair messed up her look. The actress panicked after her hair was all over the place. But to Kajol’s surprise, Sonam Kapoor came to her rescue and saved Kajol from a major embarrassment. Sonam helped Kajol by re-doing her hair.

After the show, the two good friends indulged in a good deep conversation at the presenter’s lounge. While talking, the two got emotional as Kajol reminisced the time when she used to meet little Sonam accompanied by her father Anil Kapoor during film shoots. It’s always beautiful to see two people bond with each other so sweetly.

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