SPOTTED: Hrithik Roshan Goes Ra-Ra-Rado


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MUMBAI: It’s been a great start to the new year, for Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan. The sexy ‘Dhoom 2’ star has been on a roll ever since the beginning of this year.

Right from the commencement of this year, things have been looking up for the Roshan lad. A lavish yacht birthday party, several big bashes and filmy events later, Hrithik now has more reason to cheer. For the uber handsome superstar has now been signed on as the official ambassador for Rado watches.

Who can miss Hrithik Roshan’s fast and furious commercial for Rado, which came out some time ago. And now, the relationship has been made official: Hrithik Roshan will officially endorse the high-end timekeeping brand.

At a promotional event, Hrithik looked every bit the Greek God he’s been touted to be, as he spoke about his association with the watch brand. Dressed in a sharp black suit, the Adonis of Indian cinema showed off a sleek, very expensive, ultra luxurious black Rado piece (on his right hand, mind you), and was thrilled to be presented the watch by a senior Rado official.

The superfit star is always one to lavish praise on Bollywood celebs who share his passion for fitness. Hrithik has always been a staunch supporter of Salman Khan’s gymming and weight-pumping ways. And now Hrithik has spoken out in support of Bipasha Basu too, who recently launched a range of fitness DVD’s in the market.

Says Hrithik: “I am really proud of what Bipasha is doing, not just for herself but for the fitness industry as well.” One of Bollywood’s best dancers, nay, the best dancer in Bollywood feels dancing is a great stress buster. That’s why he loves the Bong bombshell’s super energetic and fun dance-workout DVD. Says the macho muscle man, who’s seen his weight fluctuate back and forth in recent months: “I feel most relaxed after a dance routine.”