SPOTTED: Salman Khan Flies Economy!


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MUMBAI: Salman Khan: the biggest Bollywood superstar today, is quite the humble man in real life. Unearthed is a little known fact about the larger-than-life superstar: that he has no qualms flying economy class when required!

Spotted at the airport last night was a very sleepy and tired looking ‘Dabangg’ superstar – Salman Khan. The ‘Tiger’ of Bollywood was seen at the airport, in a denim ‘Being Human’ button-down shirt from his brand of clothing and a pair of jeans, passing through the security check. Surrounded by his burly bodyguards, Salman was spotted taking off for the exotic locale of Dubai, to fulfill a professional engagement.

Earlier this week, the handsome superstar Salman Khan was reported to have flown economy class.

Salman was returning from Hyderabad, post attending a CCL match there, and was allegedly seen squeezing into a narrow economy class seat. The superstar reportedly took the usual stares of his fans in his stride, and was seen getting comfortable in his airplane seat. He even posed for pictures with fans and gave out autographs willingly. He was accompanied by his bodyguard Shera.

On this particular trip, Salman reportedly caused a stampede at a fashion show he attended. The superstar was in town to enjoy a CCL match, and decided to drop in on a high-end fashion show of the Dubai retail label ‘Splash’. Salman looked a tad embarrassed as his bodyguards had to clear the way for him. Sources say that Salman shooed them off stage, and apologised to the lineup of models who had to change their choreography to accommodate him. We hear that Salman was the centre of attention even at the after-party at the fashion show, where he obliged his fans with pictures and autographs.