SPOTTED: Shirtless Salman Khan And Lulia Vantur


MUMBAI: Salman Khan may tomtom about the fact that he and Lulia Vantur are just good friends, but recent visuals picked up of the two of them may prove quite the opposite.


Salman Khan is known for his penchant for dating gorgeous foreign women, and Romanian actress Lulia Vantur fits the bill perfectly. Spotted on the sets of the former’s upcoming big-budget film ‘Mental’/ ‘Jai Ho’, Lulia is seen in close proximity to the Bollywood superstar.

In the image, Salman, in a shirtless avatar and shorts, is seen facing the front, while Lulia in a bright yellow tee and denim shorts is standing close behind him. Also in the frame are several unit hands, but that probably didn’t deter Salman and Lulia from carrying on their jungle meeting.

Salman has time and again denied allegations that he and Lulia are dating, but the two were spotted in Hyderabad together quite some time back as well. With the latest visuals from the sets of ‘Mental’ surfacing, it seems clear that Salman Khan wants his reported ladylove by his side, even while filming.

Either that, or the blonde beauty has a special appearance in the film, and that justifies her presence on set.

And with his former girlfriend Katrina Kaif now being blase about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, it looks like Salman Khan is not to be left far behind either.