Standing Ovations Pouring In For Non-Fiction-Thriller ‘An Insignificant Man’

An Insignificant Man Already Housefull?

An Insignificant Man is not only one of the best-reviewed films of the year, but also the most loved.

What was previously a well-demarcated niche for Indian cinema is finally finding theatrical validation like never before. ‘An Insignificant Man’ – a documentary thriller on political wunderkind Arvind Kejriwal – has not only received global recognition but has also been welcomed with standing ovations all across India.

Fans of the film are pouring in their exhilaration on Twitter and testifying to the impact of ‘An Insignificant Man’.

“Saw an insignificant man at nearly housefull show in pune. Film ended with standing ovation and huge round of claps. Flavour of idealism blossomed again.” – @nayak22092008

“An Insignificant Man is a significant documentary which got a standing ovation. I went to a theatre full of people and they clapped and laughed and were moved by the film.” – @DhananjayBar

“For the first time in my life I saw the entire hall stood up to applaud a movie. Definitely a very significant movie. #AnInsignificantMan” – @saurabhmohan95

“#AnInsignificantMan is a significant documentary which got a standing ovation!” – @ManaEinstein

“Watched #AnInsignificantMan last night and I must say the best thing about it was seeing a houseful audience.” – @PranitaRavi

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Furthermore, even top names in Bollywood can’t stop raving about ‘An Insignificant Man’.

National Award winning actor Irrfan Khan wrote, “It’s not about an individual but our politics n the problems within our democracy, footage never seen before… Must watch irrespective of your political ideology @aimthemovie @Memewala”

Neerja actor Sonam Kapoor wrote, “A gripping thriller about a man who took an unthinkable route into politics! Catch ‘The Insignificant Man’ in theatres now! Can’t wait to watch this!”

Directed by Khushboo Ranka and Vinay Shukla and produced by Anand Gandhi (the maker of Ship of Theseus), ‘An Insignificant Man’ chronicles the early rise of the Aam Aadmi Party from a never-seen-before, inside-out perspective. The film has dispelled all assumptions about the political non-fiction genre and has presented itself as taut, gripping thriller that barely lets you blink.

Released on November 17th, ‘An Insignificant Man’ is presently running across 33 screens in India. Catch it at your nearest theatre, and be a part of a revolution – in cinema, if not in politics.

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