Success Even More Valuable To Salman Khan As It Supports ‘Being Human’

Salman Khan
With a desire to support his NGO ‘Being Human’, the pressure to succeed pushes Superstar Salman Khan to do better.

MUMBAI: Almost a year after his surgery to treat the facial nerve disorder, Salman Khan has revealed that he is finally off medications. “I am happy to put that behind me, it was quite a pain in the face,” he laughs. But there were rumours of him going for another surgery “Who told you that? It’s not true, I’m absolutely fine now,” he insists.

[pullquote_left]Finally off medications, Salman says, “I am happy to put that behind me, it was quite a pain in the face.”[/pullquote_left] He is gearing up for the release of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ on Eid, a festival that has brought him luck with the box office. “I hope this one will be no different,” he says. With a track record of Rs. 100 crores business with each of his movies, does he feel pressure? “The pressure is because my stardom affects ‘Being Human’ and I want to keep it up to be able to support that. Today success is valuable for me, as it ensures that I can help that many more people through my NGO,” elaborates Salman.