Sudhakar Bokade: The Last Journey Sans Bollywood


MUMBAI: Sudhakar Bokade’s last journey was a quiet affair with Bollywood biggies giving the producer’s funeral a miss. 


The producer shot to huge fame with the biggest hit of the 90’s ‘Saajan’ starring Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit and has been instrumental in bringing in new entrants to the film industry. He passed away due to heart attack in Mumbai. He was 57.

However, some of the big names of the industry, with whom Sudhakar Bokade had worked, have moved ahead in life not standing by their colleague and his family when it mattered the most.

The one’s who stood by him and attended the funeral included Shreyas Talpade, Pradeep Rawat of ‘Ghajini’ fame, the late comedian Johnny Walker’s son Nasir Khan amongst a few others.

Ironically, Sudhakar Bokade’s success as a producer was also quiet, calm and slow. The last journey was no different.